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Affiliate networks for sweepstakes help media outlets find relevant affiliate programs to advertise.

Publishers (affiliates) can increase their click-through rates by offering enticing sweepstakes with the possibility of winning valuable prizes.

For example, offering customers the chance to enter to win the newest Samsung Galaxy smartphone could increase sales conversions and income for publishers.

If you’re looking for the best sweepstake affiliate networks to use in your mobile advertising campaign, you’ve come to the right place.

Affiliate in a sweepstakes means.
Visitors enter the sweepstakes if they want a chance to win a prize, and the winners are selected at random.

Almost all affiliate marketing offers that require people to join up are structured like sweepstakes.

Affiliate marketers are those who promote sweepstakes and similar offerings through their own networks.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the sweepstakes niche has been going strong for a long time.

The Best Affiliate Programs for Sweepstakes
GoldLead Is The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Platform
Boutique Affiliate Marketing Agency & Network: Olavivo
You’ll find the primary benefits and drawbacks of affiliate marketing for sweepstakes below:


Affiliate marketers can rely on the vertical to provide them with a consistent monthly revenue.
Affiliates can pick and choose from several different models, including mobile subscription offers.
There are several possibilities for user acquisition in this industry, as both mobile and desktop are applicable.
Your performance and attention on particular offers might be enhanced by working with a dedicated account manager.
Sweepstakes marketing can benefit from pop traffic’s low cost and high efficiency.
If you already have an email list established, a sweepstakes offer that utilizes that list will be quite successful.
Affiliate marketing in the context of a sweepstakes

Origin: Supermetrics


It can be challenging to achieve success in the vertical without targeted lists and the appropriate strategy.
Considering the low retention rates of pop traffic and the overall poor quality of traffic, careful planning is required for successful campaigns.
Keeping your income stable is challenging, especially since opportunities come and go so rapidly.
Sweepstakes offers are not a suitable fit for Facebook because of the frequent account suspensions that will be required.
Nonetheless, affiliate networks for sweepstakes can be well worth the effort.

Affiliate marketers and brands have a lot of room to grow with platforms like 3snet and GuruMedia providing attractive deals.

How does affiliate marketing for sweepstakes function?
Affiliate marketing for sweepstakes refers to promotions that require users to sign up or perform some sort of activity in exchange for a chance to win a prize.

Gift cards, electronics, and vacation packages are some of the most often awarded prizes.

Things happen at specific times. As one might anticipate, the iPhone giveaway works exceptionally well during Apple events and the debut of new models.

Affiliate marketers are responsible for generating traffic and sales for these deals through strategic marketing.

Affiliates and brands alike can reap the rewards of this niche because of how welcoming it is to newcomers, how well it converts, and how popular the offers remain throughout the year.

The niche is well worth exploring if you are new to affiliate marketing in general.

Affiliate marketing in a sweepstakes: a case study

Input: Lemonade

Credit card information submissions and email submissions are the two most common types of sweepstakes entries. Payment/free trials, and Statements of Intent/Declarations of Intent are two types of each of these.

Affiliates should first think on the following four broad areas:

User must provide credit card information and will be immediately charged a nominal fee. The full amount is then charged to their card between 7 and 14 days afterwards.

Customers will be asked to provide credit card information for a free trial period of 7-14 days, after which their cards will be charged the full fee.

Single Opt-In (SOI) Email Submissions

Typically, the user’s first and surname names, email address, and physical address are required.

Double Opt-In (DOI) Email Submission

The user must give contact information (first name, last name, email address, and maybe street address) and then confirm their email address.

One of the most common types of push advertisements is for sweepstakes, which might take the form of survey, lead generation, or coupon incentives.

What advantages do affiliate networks for sweepstakes offer?
If you understand how things function, affiliate marketing in this niche offers many of the same rewards as in other niches.

In particular, the sweepstakes niche is a year-round moneymaker due to its enduring popularity.

That is to say, there is no “off season” for marketers to conduct such promotions and for affiliates to earn a cut of the action.

Typically, sweepstakes offers pay out anywhere from fifty cents to forty dollars, though SOI offers tend to pay out less.

Yet, despite the additional difficulty they present to new affiliates, CC submissions and mobile subscriptions typically have substantially bigger payments.

Affiliates can have a lot of fun with the landing pages for sweepstakes, which are essential to their success and help prepare the user to give their information.

Some of the top affiliate networks for sweepstakes provide a wide variety of promotional materials, such as banners, landing pages, and even unique codes, to help you reach your target demographic.

One of the most appealing aspects of the work is the freedom it affords, as well as the passive money it can provide.

Affiliate marketing in a sweepstakes: a case study

Input: AdsEmpire

It’s important for affiliates to test their sweepstakes campaigns with Pop traffic at the outset; fortunately, they can gain immediately from leveraging the following sources:

As an added bonus, the sweepstakes industry allows for a wide variety of marketing types.

Using SMS campaigns, for instance, can be a very efficient way to get your message to the intended audience. The open and click-through rates of SMS campaigns are typically rather high.

Affiliates can benefit greatly from implementing SMS sweepstakes promotions, which notify receivers of the promotion by text message.

If you already have an interested audience, affiliate marketing for sweepstakes is something you should really consider.

With the correct audience, sweepstake offerings can do very well on any platform, whether it’s a blog, YouTube channel, prominent social media account, or anything else.

If you put in the work, you’ll see how useful sweepstake affiliate networks may be.

How to evaluate affiliate sweepstakes software.
The number of affiliate sweepstakes programs makes it difficult to pick the finest one. Before signing up, please review the following points.

limit of payments
It’s important to research each platform’s payment requirements before signing up.

Most of the top affiliate networks for sweepstakes have low minimum withdrawal amounts of $5 or less.

It’s important to shop around because some networks charge $300 and more.

Industries supported
While sweepstakes offerings are a must-have, the greatest networks also enable offers in other areas, like dating, gambling, gaming, and even cryptocurrency.

Getting a steady stream of monthly income requires diversifying your business beyond merely sweepstakes offers.

Each network has its own unique payment plan.

Weekly payouts are available via a variety of payment methods on the finest networks, including as PayPal, bank wire transfer, and several cryptocurrencies.

Biweekly and monthly installments are also options; think about what works best for you before committing.

What are the most popular affiliate sweepstakes and what kind of platform do they use?
In the table below, we’ve compiled some of the most lucrative affiliate sweepstakes offerings, along with the platform they’re hosted on.

Promoted by a Platform or Organization

Revenue Sharing Information on 3snet

Payouts as high as 7%

GuruMedia accepts monthly payments.

Up to 5 percent payout

Make regular payments
Payment Options Leadbit $10 per Lead
Total Per Sale Access for $30
Make regular payments
Leads cost $2.45 via PayPal.
Monthly Billings
A Smartlink lead costs $80.
Make regular payments
Here, you’ll find a compilation of the most reliable sweepstakes sites, with opportunities compatible with the most popular mobile platforms.

Start with the Top Affiliate Programs for Sweepstakes Today
You may have a lot of freedom and make a steady passive income with sweepstake affiliate networks.

Sweepstake products and services are well worth considering if you have a distribution channel for them.

To increase your earnings, check out our recommended affiliate networks for sweepstakes. The top affiliate networks for sweepstakes are listed below.

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