Hazim Bangwar Assistant Commissioner North Nazim Abad

Hazim Bangwar


Assistant Commissioner of  North Nazimabad Hazim Bangwar has become the talk of town. Here is the complete life of Hazim Bangwar. Bangwar has acquired his degree in Fashion Design from AIU London and LLB from the University of London. He passed for the PMS 2018 exams and is currently serving as Assistant Commissioner in Karachi.

Who is Hazim Bangwar

People are eager to know more about Bangwar. Hazim Bangwar, in working bureaucracy in Pakistan. A rich background 30-year-old officer with a mother of Iraqi.His father served as a deputy inspector general (DIG) in police department.. Hazim Bangwar is excited to serve the Karachi.

Bangwar recently tweeted, “North Nazimabad, it’s a privilege to serve you as your new Assistant Commissioner.”

Biography of Hazim Bangwar

Hazim Bangwar born on December 30, 1993 in Karachi, then he moved to New York. He got his early childhood education from Midwood High School. His mother name is Feroze, is from Iraq. His father, Ali Akbar Bangwar, has served as a DIG in Pakistan. After that he moved to London for six years where he finished his first degree in Fashion Design & Marketing from AIU London and later a second degree LLB from University from London.


During study in London, Bangwar spent his free time in the studios. Bangwar released his first single titled “Haram“.

Bangwar released his second song “Hell Ya“, 

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