Pay Protection Notification Gazetted Employees

pay protection notification

Government of Pakistan Finance Division (Regulations Wing) Islamabad issued notification regarding pay protection gazetted employees on 20th Sep. 2016. This pay protection notification was issued vide F.No.4(2)R-2/2014-241. This latter is about clarification on the protection of pay of gazette contract employees on regularization appointments on regular basis.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Division’s OM of even number dated 07.04.2015 on the subject noted. The clarifications to the queries raised by Ministries/Divisions/ Departments and AGPR, Islamabad regarding pay protection notification gazetted employees are conveyed as under:

Pay Protection Rules Gazetted Employees

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Finance Division’s OM dated 07.04.2015 does not contain the effective date of implementation on which date will it take effect.  The said OM will take effect from the date of its issuance i.e 07.04.2015  
Whether the officer regularized from contract service prior to issuance of the said OM i.e. 07.04.2015 will also be entitled to the protection of pay.Yes, However, no arrears are admissible prior to 07.04.2015.  
Whether the officer whose services were regularized from the development side on regular basis are entitled to pay protectionPay is protectable for that employee only whose contract appointment on the developments side was made in BPS on standard terms and conditions issued by Establishment Division.  
Whether arrears/back benefits to No arrears/back benefits to those employees are admissible whose service was regularized prior to the issuance of the said OM on 07.04.2015.    No arrear or Back benefits are admissible prior to the issuance of said OM on 07.04.2015.  
Whether the concurrence of FPSC is required for all the cases of contract appointment/re-appointment beyond the nature of 02 years against the civil post in BS-16 to BS-22 made or continue after 25.03.2010.Being an administrative nature of issue relates to Establishment Division/FPSC.  
pay protection clarification
pay protection notification
Pay protection rules

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