Schools are closing in Pakistan

schools are closing

Once again schools are closing again in Punjab Pakistan. Smog and rising pollution in Punjab, Public and private schools in Lahore will be closed 3 days a week. Schools in Lahore will be closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. All private offices will also be closed three days a week. Notification regarding the closure of schools is issued. There in shreds of evidence of persistent deterioration in the Air Quality Index of the city of Lahore, IIuctuating from satisfactory to poor levels which is likely to cause breathing discomfort, respiratory tract diseases, and heart diseases amongst people of all age brackets.

School Closing News today in Pakistan

People in Punjab, with the highest ratio in Lahore, continue to be infected by Covid-19 and further overlap of conducive conditions for respiratory tract diseases due to smog could exacerbate the situation.

The Provincial Cabinet of Punjab, in its 36 meetings has declared smog as calamity under section 3 of “The Punjab National Calamities (Prevention & Relief), Act 1958” which has been notified vide Relief Commissioner Order No.Smog-2020/10rCoord-l dated 14.10.2020. All possible measures to contain and arrest the deterioration of the ambient Air Quality Index, especially in territorial limits of the city of Lahore and Punjab in general are required to be taken.

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Why are Schools are closing

AND WHEREAS, in my opinion, there are sufficient grounds to proceed under section 4 (2) () of “The Punjab National Calamities (Prevention & Relief) Act 1958”, as an immediate preventive and speedy remedy and the directions hereinafter appearing are necessary to ensure public safety, conserve limit and preempt and mitigate the imminent threat of smog in the province.

All private officers being operated by companies, private sector entities, and other individuals, within the territorial limits of Lahore Motropolation corporation, shall remain closed every Monday, In addition to Saturday and Sunday, with effect from 27.11.2021 until 15.1.2022. However, their staff may work from home.

All public and private educational  Institutions (Colleges, Schools, and Academies, etc.) in territorial limits of Lahore, Metropoltion Corporation shall remain closed every Monday. In addition to weekly holidays which shall be observed on Saturday and Sunday, with effect from 27.11.2021 until 15.1.2022. However, they may arrange virtual classes. Schools are closing in Pakistan due to Covid fourth layer.

schools are closing
schools closing 2022

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