Upgradation of Clerical Staff in KPK

Upgradation of Clerical Staff in KPK

The federal government has decided up-gradation of the posts of Clerks staff and other staff. Time scale promotion to all employees throughout the country in the next coming budget 2021-2-22. Employees are curious and wanted to know about the up-gradation and time scale promotion in KPK. Here in this post Infoghar team will tell you the upgradation and times scale promotion updated in KPK government for its employees. The final decision will be made in the next coming budget and cabinet approval. Upgradation of all employees in KP was approved by the government of KPK Finance Department Regulation Wing in 2015. We will share the up-gradation of clerical staff and up-gradation of all employees.

Upgradation notification of clerical staff in KPK

Notification of Clerical staff up-gradation issued by Finance Department in 2015. The detail is as under:

PostExisting ScaleUpgradation
Senior ClerkBPS-9BPS-14
Junior ClerkBPS-07BPS-11
Upgradation of Clerical Staff in KPK Government
time scale promotion and up gradation of post
time scale promotiom KPK

Time Scale Promotion Notification KPK

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance Department (Regulation Wing) Issued notification 30-06-2015 in connection with time scale promotion of all staff.

Two-step up-gradation from BPS-01 to BPS-06 will be allowed to all civil servants working under government organizations.

One step up-gradation of employees from BPS-06 to BPS-15will be allowed to all provincial government employees.

SCA Allowance (Special Compensatory Allowance) equal to the difference of national up-gradation of BS-16 to BS-17 will be allowed to all civil servants.

This will be applicabe w.e.f. 01-07-2015 and  01-12 2015.

Pay shall be fixed in higher pay scales at a stage next above the pay.

This scheme will not be applicable to employees of Autonomous organization, Semi-Government Bodies, and Public Sector Institutions.

All departments will follow the same pattern of up-gradation and necessary regulations will be framed if needed. Necessary instructions on the subject will be issued soon.

Upgradation of Clerical Staff in KPK
up gradation of clerical staff

22 Comments on “Upgradation of Clerical Staff in KPK”

  1. Salam sir ,
    Sir g any idea of up gradation of the post of junior auditor bps 11 of the Federal govt.
    Is there any chance of up gradation of above post according to kpk promotion policy.

  2. Steno Typist in Punjab is working in BPS-15 therefore in Federal Government they may be upgraded on the analogy of Punjab

    1. in Punjab steno are working in bs-16 in different courts. Now rationalization process posts pay scale will be same throughout the country in coming years

      1. when will notification be issued??? will data entry operators be upgraded to BPS-16?? kindly make it confirm as ur saying does have worth please.

  3. AOA, Is there any chance of upgradation of store staffs as they have different type of rank in different departments.

    1. Hopefully, this issue will resolve the pay and pension commission report. They are already working on uniformity.

  4. Me working as Accountant BPS 12 in FG deptt since 2007 passed 13 years with no upgradation.is there any chance for us to b upgraded.

  5. Sir, I am Working as Accounts Assistant(BPS-14) in a Federal Government University.Is there chance of our post up gradation or not? Kindly confirm the status as we the word Assistant is used with our cadre but what is policy i do not know. (This Circular issed by Federal Govt has ambiguities and not clear as there is only word assistant is used but this post is not available in all Department except some educational institute.. Kindly clarify regarding Accounts Assistant Please.Waiting your response

    1. Assistant and Account Assistant are two different posts in different departments. The notification is applicable for assistants only.

  6. i Mean to say the Accounts Assistant is separate cadre related to Finance Department what is govt policy weather this post would be upgraded or ignore as usual and discrimination will be continue?

    1. Respected Tanveer Khan as usual it is expected only clerical cader assistant will upgrade. If the government think of discrimination then account assistant can be upgraded in the upcoming budget.

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