Deductions in Monthly Salary

Deduction In Salaries

Present government is planning deductions in monthly salary. In this context proposal has been made. This proposal will implemented in May 2022.

Deduction in Salaries

In order to ensure continuity of cash flow for operational requirements, it has been decided to reduce salaries of staff having salaries above PKR.25,000/- effective 1st of May 2022 till further notice in different percentages as explained in the table.

Salary Range (in PKR)Reduction % in Salary  
0 to 25,000  0%  
25,001 to 50,000  5%  
50,000 to 100,000  8%  
100,001 to 300,000  10%  
Above 300,000  12%  
Deductions in Salaries
Deduction In Salaries

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