Financial Assistance Package Sindh Govt

Financial Assistance Package

In this post, the infoghar team will share notification of Financial Assistance Package Sindh Govt. Financial Assistance awarded to the families of civil servants who die during the service. This financial benefit granted to a servant legal heir. The wages of this grant are not the same in the provinces. Previously, this package was applicable in armed services and other law and enforcement institutions. In this post, we will share the assistance package for Sindh government employees. Moreover, this notification is for the Sindh Government servants issued by the Finance Department. If you are working under Punjab Government you can see the notification of financial assistance package for deceased servants.

Families of an employee of grade BPS-01 to BPS-04 get Rs.1,600,000, civil servant of grade BPS-5 to BPS-10 will now pay Rs.1,900,000. Further, if employees of Sindh Government die during service in grade BPS-11to BPS-15 the amount his successor will now get Rs. 2,200,000.

Assistance Package for Families of Government Servant

The Government of Sindh Finance Department issued vide order No NO.FD (SR-111)5-205/2017 in connection with Financial Assistance Package Sindh Govt. This circular issued in October 2017 by the order of worthy Chief Minister Sindh. You are reading financial assistance to the family of civil servants who dies while in service in Province Sindh. It will applicable from 01.07.2017.

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Pay ScaleFinancial Assistance
BPS 01 to 04PKR. 1,600,000
BPS 05 to 10PKR. 1,900,000
BPS 11 to 15PKR. 2,200,000
BPS 16 to 17PKR. 2,500,000
BPS 18 to 19PKR. 3,400,000
BPS 20 and abovePKR. 4,000,000
Finincail Assistance Sindh

Sanctioned Authority

DDO of the respective department can sanction the financial assistance package. After the Death of the employee department will forward the case to the section officer. Section Officer will take immediate action and will release the budget. In this regard, the family of employees who dies during the service will get a financial assistance grant from their parent’s department.

Appointment Under Rule 17-A

One family member son, daughter, or wife appointed under rule 17-a in the government sector on a permanent basis. This appointment will be made in the parent department where the deceased civil servant was appointed. The legal heirs of the deceased civil servant provided a job in BPS-01 to BPS-11. Chief Minister Sindh directed all concerned authorities to take necessary action in this regard. Under Rule 17-a an appointment will without advertiesement. This is the complete guide of the financial assistance package awarded to Sindh government employees.

Specail thanks to Mr. Ameer Muhammad Khan for sending this notificaion.

Financial Assistance Package
Finance Department Notification

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  1. Dear team as our father died in service in BPS 11 , the department awarded us with amount of 1200,000 as notification is 2200,000 to legal heirs ,

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