New Monitoring Indicators

Monitoring indicators in Punjab

Infoghar Team will guide you about new monitoring indicators in SED Punjab. Monitoring and evaluation MEA is a system in Punjab that looks after the progress and monitoring in the education sector General Monitoring and its district officers (DMOs) look after the Punjab School education department. The role of monitoring may lead to efficient assessment and evolution of the School education department. The monitoring department works separately and keeps a close eye on all functions of the School Education Department Punjab.

Monitoring in Punjab

MEAs visits each school in calendar month throughout the Province. During visits, they check teacher presence, student attendance, student retention, availability of boundary wall, availability of drinking water, and availability of furniture. Monitoring and evaluation assistant MEA indicators are decreased now by the effort of Dr.Murad Ras Education Minister Punjab. The new indicators are as under.

Age relaxation for Govt Jobs

Deputation Job in Federal Education Department


New Data Pack Indicators

Domain 1: Student Participation

Indicator  Who will collect DataResponsible
Student Attendance  MEA App  Shared
Student Assessment  LND APPAEO
Student Cleanliness  COT App  Head Teacher
Monitoring Observations

Domain 2: Teachers & Teaching

Indicator  Who will collect DataResponsible
Teacher attendanceMEA App  DDEO
Teacher allocationMEA App  SED
Teaching aids availabilityCOT AppHead Teacher
Teacher CPD participationAEO AppCEO
Classroom observation scoreCOT AppAEO
New Monitoring Indicators

Domain 3: Leadership and School support

Indicator  Who will collect DataResponsible
Head teacher attendanceMEA App  DDEO
Non-teaching staff availabilityMEA App  SED
Instructional leadership  SIS APPAEO
School improvement planSIS APPDDEO
School council meetings heldMEA App  AEO
NSB disbursementMEA App  CEO
Monitroing Indicators

Domain 4: School Environment

Indicator  Who will collect DataResponsible
Security and safety arrangements  MEA App  DEO
Dangerous buildings  MEA App  DEO
Availability of electricity    MEA App  DEO
Blackboard visibility  COT AppHead Teacher
Availability of sufficient furniture  MEA App  DEO
Provision of toilets  MEA App  DEO
Maintenance of toilet facilities  MEA App  Head Teacher
Availability of safe drinking water  MEA App  DEO
Availability of play area/playground  MEA App  DEO
Cleanliness of school facilitiesMEA App  Head Teacher
What are Monitoring Indicators
Monitoring indicators in Punjab
Monthly Monitoring Indicators

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  1. I tried to search out the column” standard of education” or ” quality of education of education” and it’s weightag, but like the past govts. this too, wants to provide beautiful,fully equipped school buildings to our children, which should have every thing except” EDUCATION AND KNOWLEDGE”

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