Paper Pattern 9th Class English all Board Punjab

Paper Pattern of 9th Class English all Board Punjab Pairing Scheme of 9th Class English approved by all boards.

In this post, infoghar team will tell you about Paper Pattern 9th Class English and the Pairing Scheme of 9th Class English. This will be fruitful for the candidates who are appearing in the board examinations. All Punjab Educational Board has approved the pairing scheme for the subject of English 9th Class which will be applicable to the upcoming board examination 2021. The detail we will update you on in this blog post. Guidelines are as per accelerated learning program ALP for candidates appearing in the subject of English in Secondary School Examination SSC Annual 2021(9th Class). Furthermore, the government of Punjab announced that the matriculation examination will start on 5 May 2021.

Paper Pattern 9th class 2021 English Compulsory (Essay Type)

The pattern or paring scheme we are sharing here is for English compulsory subject. Candidates have to attempt this paper in time: 2:10 Hours. Total marks of essay type paper will 56.

Questions and Answers

Question No2. will short question. In this part, candidates will write short answers to any five of the given questions. In this portion, eight-question will ask.

The questions for this portion will select either from exercises of the ALP or from the text of units included in the ALP or smart syllabus issued by the government of Punjab.

Translation of Paragraph

Question No.3. In this question, the candidates will translate the paragraph into Urdu OR the students can rewrite the paragraph into simple English in their own words.

The above question will select from the complete text of all the units mentioned in the smart syllabus approved by the Punjab Curriculum and Text Book Board Lahore. This question can be selected from its textbook units of the given syllabus.

Summary Writing

The students in question No.4. will write down the summary of the poem. The candidates can also write the selection of summary / Paraphrasing.

This question of paraphrase the following lines into simple English will select from the poems mentioned in ALP approved by the Punjab Curriculum Text Book Board.


The candidate for matriculation examination in question No5. will use any five of the following words phrases Idioms in their own sentences from I to VIII idioms given.

Idioms given in this part will be selected from the text exercises mentioned in the smart syllabus for the year 2021 due to covid-19.

Letter or Story

In this question No.6, the candidate will write a letter or write a story OR write dialogue in their own words. This question will be selected from English grammar and composition.

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The students in Question No.7 will read the passage carefully and will answer the questions given at the end of the passage accordingly.These comprehension passages will from the composition book according to the smart syllabus approved by all Punjab boards.

Translation Into English

The students in question No.8 will translate any five of the sentences into english. Urdu sentences will be given.

Alternate question

This question for foreign candidates whose medium of examination is English Foreign. This question will be selected from the book exercises of Grammar and Composition. For foreign candidate the topic for writing paragraphs will be selected from of the textbook(9th ).

Active Passive Voice

In this question NO.9, the student will change the voice of the given sentences. Eight questions will ask. The candidates will convert only five sentences to passive voice. Active and passive voice questions will be chosen from Grammar and Composition active and passive voice potion.

Paper Pattern of 9th Class English all Board Punjab Pairing Scheme of 9th Class English approved by all boards.
Englsih 9th Class Paper Pattern
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