Pay Chart Of Educator Batch 2017 After Regularization

Here Infoghar team will share Pay chart of Educator bach 2015 after regularization. Educators batch 2017 recruited in the year 2017 under recruitment policy 2016. Firstly, They join the services on 31 July 2017. These educators recruited in BPS-09. Moreover, these educators upgraded to BPS-14 on 01/01/2018. District Education Authorities (DEA) are regularizing the services of these educators. According to Regular Services Act 2018, the services of these contract educators are made permanent. Educators will permanent with immediate effect. These appointees will make permanent according to rules 1974. The contract period solve these educators will not count for the purpose of pension gratuity etc. The seniority of the educator will made under the regularization of services act 2018.

History of Educators Batch 2017

These educators recruited against recruitment policy 2016 17. Furthermore, assistant education officers are also recruited against this policy. Chief Minister Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif approved this policy. The main manifesto of this policy was to bring the children of age 3 years and above to the schools. This policy framed according to article 25-A, the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. According to this rule, education is the right of every citizen. It is the main responsibility of the state to provide free education to every citizen at his doorstep. In this regard 46374 teaching post-sanctioned. In this context, at least four teachers are a must in primary schools. The age limit for educators will be 30 years. Moreover, 5 years general age relaxation will also be given to the candidates. Service candidates also eligible for this post through the proper channel.

Pay Chart of Elementry School Educators(ESE-Sci&Arts) batch 2017 after regularization

Pay chart is prepared for Educators in all categories SESE Science and Arts batch 2017. This chart will be helpful to you for preparing the change form..

Pay and AllowancesRegularize Before 30/11/2020Regularize After 01/12/2020
Basic Pay1518015180
House Rent22142214
Medical Allow15001500
Personal Allow23403510
Adhoc 201612721272
Adhoc 201715181518
Adhoc 201815181518
Adhoc 201915181518
Total Gross2991631086
Total Deductions31823182
Net Pay2673427904
Pay Chart Educator 2017 After Regularization.

Elementary School Educators(Sese-Sci&Arts) Pay Chart Batch 2017 After Regularization

 Pay and AllowancesRegularize on 30/11/2020 or BeforeRegularize on 01/12/2020 or after 01/12/2020
Basic Pay1612016120
House Rent Allowance23492349
Conveyance Allowance28562856
Medical Allowance15001500
Personal Allowance26603990
Adhoc Relief Allowance 201613511351
Adhoc Relief Allowance 201716121612
Adhoc Relief Allowance 201816121612
Adhoch Relief Allowance 201916121612
Gross Pay3167233002
Benovlant Fund484484
Group Insurance107107
Total Deductions34813481
Net Pay2819129521
Pay Chart of SESE 2017 after Regularization
Pay Chart Of Educator Batch 2017 After Regularization

Download Pay Chart ESE and SESE 2017 after Regular

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  1. Can u tell me what is monthly recovery pay deduction means??? Beside these deductions 6000rs are deducted more with the tag of monthly recovery…what is that????

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