Special Allowance 2021

Special Allowance 2021 Punjab

Cabinet meeting of Punjab government held today in which CM Punjab special allowance 2021 to its employees. The government has announced a 25% increase in the basic salary of 2017 in response to the protests of the employees. And once again, as usual, employees have started asking these questions.
Will the increase be on the basic pay of 2017?
Is this increase in the 2017 pay scale initial salary?
Will there be an increase on running basic pay?
Will there be an increase on the current basic salary?
However, there is no ambiguity in this. According to the meeting agenda, this will be on the initial basic pay scale of 2017.

Special Allowance on Initial Basic Pay

05. The Ministerial Committee constituted by CM Punjab submitted various options in this regards to the Chief Minister, Punjab on 20.05.2021, who finally approved to grant a Special Allowance, 2021 @ 25% of Initial Basic PayScale, 2017 with effect from June 1st,2021 for the employees in BS-1 to BS-19 who are drawing no additional pay except usual pay and allowances vis-à-vis House Rent, Conveyance, Medical Allowance and Adhoc Relief, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 with the financial implication of Rs.2.460 Billion per month (Annex-E).

06. The Chief Minister has been pleased that the instant matter may be placed before the Provincial Cabinet for its consideration and approval (Annex-F).

07. Proposal in para 5/ante is placed before the Provincial Cabinet for its consideration and approval.

Disparity Reduction Allowance Chart

Expected Pay Increase in Budget 2021

Special Allowance 2021 Chart

This is chart of special allowance Punjab.

Basic Pay ScaleInitial Basic PaySpecial Allowance
Special Allowance Punjab Chart 2021
Special Allowance 2021 Punjab
Special Allowance 2021 Notification

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