School Teachers Reforms Allowance

School Teachers Reforms Allowance

Chief Minister Punjab expression of Chaudhry Parvez Elahi during a speech in the Provincial Assembly of Punjab regarding School Teachers Reforms Allowance “I have decided that the salaries of teachers will also be increased, God willing I have also spoken to Murad Ras. Who teaches our children that it is our duty to take care of them and increase their salary. School Teachers Reforms Allowance notification issued soon.

Punjab School Teachers Package

All the teachers’ organizations are requested to show unity by putting their personal interests above their own and approach the Chief Minister of Punjab Honorable Chaudhry Parvez Elahi and the Minister of Education Punjab Honorable  Murad Ras for the rights of the teachers and the legitimate demands of the teachers in which Especially.

  • Two cadre formula
  • Pay and Service Protection
  • Continuity of AEOs and SSE

It should be noted that the number of teachers is very high compared to all departments but due to a lack of unity, they are behind all departments in terms of benefits.

Recently the Punjab Government has given scale no. 9 to senior lady health workers whose education is not even matriculation and scale no. 7 and scale no. 5 to juniors respectively.

While respected teachers who are very highly educated are not being given the scale according to their education, which is an extreme excess.

At this time, we need to wake up from sleeplessness as professionals. we have to think for the whole department. Otherwise, as the inflation conditions are, even the house deals are not fulfilled with such low salaries. It is hoped that all organizations will consider this.

Increase in House Rent and Conveyance Allowance Punjab

Breaking news – the good news of government employees Summary of increase of 2 allowances of government employees sent to Chief Minister. An increase of 12 to 15 thousand in salaries. Solid sources Punjab government’s decision to give 5 thousand school reform allowance to all school teachers.

It is further added that the special allowance Punjab has not been implemented yet.

School Teachers Reforms Allowance

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