Grant Of Special Allowance-2022 Punjab Latest Update

Grant Of Special Allowance-2022

In this post, we will inform you regarding the Grant Of Special Allowance-2022 Punjab Latest Update. In this context, Accountant General Punjab A.G. Office Complex, Turner Road, Lahore has written to the Secretary, Government of the Punjab, Finance Department.

Latest Update Grant of Special Allowance Punjab

Here is the latest update grant of special allowance-2022 to the employees of the government of Punjab in bs 1-19 who are not receiving any cadre/service specific allowance. Please refer to the Government of the Punjab Finance Department letter No.FD.SR.V.3-1/2021 dated 20.07.2022, on the subject cited above. This office is in receipt of a number of queries from different District Accounts Offices regarding the admissibility of Special Allowance-2022 to the Civil Servants and contracts employees in BS-01 to BS-19 @15% of the Basic Pay Scales, 2017 as granted vide above-referred letter.

It may be clarified that the Special Allowance @ 15% shall be admissible on the Basic Pay of the Pay Scales 2017 as on 30.06.2022 or otherwise. The position may kindly be clarified at the earliest.

Earlier Punjab Government issued a special allowance notification for 2022.

Grant Of Special Allowance-2022
Punjab Special Allowance 2022

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