Study Leave Rules In Pakistan

Study leave rules

Info Ghar team will inform about the study leave rules in Pakistan. These rules are applicable in all provinces. Study leave granted to government civil servants by the approval of the competent authority. This leave granted to a civil servant for study and technical courses. Furthermore, this leave will not debit from the leave account of the civil servant. These rules apply in all Government Departments of Pakistan. Permanent civil servants of Pakistan are all eligible for this leave. Civil Servants can avail of extra leave on half pay for study purposes in or outside Pakistan. During the study leave sanctioning authority can make local arrangements in absence of government servants. Furthermore, study leave should not be granted to civil servers who have less than 5 years of service. Departments can sanction study leave to the servants under their control according to the rules.

Study Leave Rules for Govt Servant

Generally, study leave granted on full pay for M.S/ M.Phill studies. The period of this leave is generally for 2 years. It may be extended up to 4 years on special grounds for obtaining a Ph.D. degree. Extraordinary leave may be taken with study leave. In case, a civil servant fails to complete the degree in the stipulated period, then a grace period of 12 months is awarded to complete this study. This extra period will treat as a leave on full pay as per the leave account of civil servants. Civil servant to whom study leave granted on full pay for higher study but he fails to get the desired degree during the study leave. In this case study leave will be treated as extraordinary leave i.e leave without pay and allowances. The salaries of that period will recover from the pay and pension of a servant.

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Study leave will not be granted to civil servants who have an age above 55 years. The salary of the officer/official will draw from his place of posting. This leave granted for those courses which help the capacity building of the incumbent. Furthermore, study expenses will be borne by the candidate. During study leave, the employee will consider for promotion and pension. This leave will not affect the leave due to civil servant. The civil servant on Ex-Pakistan leaves can covert their leave into study leave. Leaves granted to civil servants of Pakistan. Study allowance is also awarded during this leave.

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  1. I am presently working as SST (IT) in Swat KPK for the last 4 years as permanent employee in BPS-16. Now, I am married and my husband is living and working in Islamabad.
    I need to know the procedure how I can avail the wedlock deputation policy of Federal Government, to be appointed in Islamabad

  2. I was enrolled in PhD before being selected as lecturer in HED KPK. My course work was completed and research was started when I joined my station. After my job started,my research work was delayed due to less hours available for lab work. Now I want to get leave to complete my degree. My service is 3 years now. Is there any rule for grant of study leave to candidates already enrolled, or any leave with pay?? As I will need money for study/research expenses.

    1. Up-to a maximum of 2 years on half pay in the entire service to a civil. Servant having five
      years service can avail study leave.

  3. I work a s an Associate Professor in BPS-19 with the College Education Department government of Sindh. I was granted two years Study Leave with half average pay for two years 2013 and 201 to study abroad.
    Now, completing 25 years government job I am retiring voluntarily.
    The District Accounts officer Jamshoro says, I won’t be paid LPR encashment as I have already availed my total earned leave.
    My question, does study leave deduct from leave account,? please

    1. Rules 8.86 and 8.129 of Civil Services Rules (Punjab)
      Volume-I, Part-I dealing with study leave are reproduced
      @ 8.86/8.129. Leave may be granted to Government servants on
      such terms as may be prescribed by general or special orders of
      the competent authority to enable them to study scientific, technical
      or similar problems or to undergo special courses of instruction.
      Such leave is not debited against the leave account. This is also applicable for sindh.

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