Disparity Reduction Allowance Punjab

disparity reduction allowance punjab notification 2021

The government of the Punjab Finance Department prepared a summary regarding disparity reduction allowance Punjab. In this connection summary for the provincial cabinet moved. Finance Department Punjab under Finance Minister Makhdum Hashim Jawan sent this summary. This allowance is named “grant of special allowance – 2021”. The will be granted to the employees of the Government of Punjab in BPS 1-19. This will apply to employees who are not receiving any specific allowance. Federal Government issued notification for reduction of disparities in the pay of its employees. This was under the title of Grant of Disparity Reduction Allowance. The federal government directed the Provincial Government to consider adopting the proposed disparity allowance.

Disparity Reduction Allowance Punjab latest news

The employees of various Provincial Departments started demanding the subject allowance on the analogy of notification of the Federal Government. In this connection, the Finance Department moved a note for Principal Secretary to Chief Minister who conveyed that Chief Minister has desired that the instant matter may be placed before the Provincial Cabinet, for its consideration.

Subsequently, in pursuance of the directions of the Competent Authority. S&GAD notified a Ministerial Committee to furnish its recommendations to the Provincial Cabinet to address the issue.

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Salary Increase in the Budget

Punjab Govt Disparity Reduction Allowance

The Ministerial Committee held various meetings under the Chairmanship of Finance Minister / Convener of the Committee . Hence, constituted a Sub-committee to deliberate upon the various possibilities of increase in allowances with reference to reducing the disparity among various employees of the government in consultation with representatives of different Unions of employees and to submit its report to the Ministerial Committee.

Grant Of Special Allowance 2021

The Ministerial Committee submitted various options for grant of special allowance Punjab to the Chief Minister, Punjab on 20.05.2021, who finally approved to grant a Special Allowance, 2021 @ 25% of Initial Basic Pay Scale, 2017 with effect from June 1st 2021 for the employees in BS-1 to BS-19 with the financial implication of Rs.2.460 Billion. Chief Minister Punjab approved the summary disparity reduction allowance for Punjab govt employees.

disparity reduction allowance punjab notification 2021
disparity reduction allowance punjab 2021

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