grant of advance increments

Qualification allowance is admissible to civil servants on acquiring higher qualifications during service. Firstly, the rule for grant of qualification allowance is different for different establishments. Secondly, this is also called a higher degree qualification allowance. The notification we are sharing here is especially for teachers working in the school education department Punjab. This notification about the grant of advance increment awarded to Teachers SED Punjab. Moreover, On acquiring M.A (Master Degree) increments granted to the Eduction department teachers were disconnected. The worthy teachers filed a petition in Lahore High Court. The court order the grant of said allowance.

Three Increments M.A. and three for Master Degree in Education (M.Ed).

The government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued the notification on 09th October 2019 regarding clarification of qualification allowance granted to SSTs in Punjab. The Finance Department directed the School Education Department Punjab and Accountant General Punjab for implementation of this circular. The circular advises grant of three increments on acquiring M.A degree and M.ed. Infoghar Team team will share update this qualification allowance notification Punjab government. Two Advance increments are also granted on acquiring an L.L.B degree. These increments are given to the employees of the judiciary from BS- 05 to BPS-16.

Disconnection of Qualification Allowance Notification

We inform the reader of infoghar that the scheme of granting advance increments to the teachers discontinued effect from 01.12.2001 vide Finance Department letter No.FD.PC.2-1/2001 dated 22.10.2001. Furthermore, you can see the latest notification of government employees on this website.

Clarification of Grant of Qualification Allowance

This is the Clarification of grant Of increments on attaining higher qualification for Secondary School Teachers working under the Punjab Government. The Committee constituted with the order of the Chief Minister to deal with the issue. Chief Minister Punjab Committee examined the matter regarding grant of advance Increments to Secondary School Teachers (SSTs) who attain the higher qualification during service. The following recommendations sent to Chief Minister Punjab for approval. The worthy Chief Minister approved the same.

Secondary School Teachers (SSTs) had been recruited on the basis of qualification of B.A/B.Sc & B.Ed/B.T are eligible to the grant of advance increments in terms of Finance Department letter No.FD.PC.2-1/83 issued on 25.08.1983. Inclusion, upon acquiring the higher qualification three increments will award and for M.A. and three for Master’s Degree in Education (M.Ed).In addition, CM Office approved this vide order No.DIR(FS-1)/Chief Minister Office/19/0T-47/C/024827 dated 09.08.2019. Special thanks to Mr. Aamir Abbas for sharing this notification.

grant of advance increments
grant of advance increments on higher qualification


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