Grant of Utility Allowance 2021

The government of Punjab granted utility allowance to the officer and officials of the PCTB Punjab textbook board department. The utility allowance will be awarded effective from  01.01.2020. Approval of this allowance is given by the word the Chief Minister Punjab. According to the notification grade, BPS-01 to BPS-08 employees will get Rs.6000 monthly and whereas servants in grade BPS-09 to BPS-14 will receive Rs.800 per month.


DIRECTOR  of Punjab Curriculum & Text Book Board issued orders regarding a grant of utility allowance to employees. In this context meeting held on 07.12.2020 to approve the grant of Utility Allowance to the employees of PCTB. This allowance is admissible to the employees who are working on a deputation basis in this department. These rates are approved in the Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board 75th  meeting.  This circular issued with the approval of the Finance Department vides Notification Nos. FD.SR-1/9-14/2002(P-1) dated 27.12.2019 & 07.5.2019.

BPSUtility Allowance (Per Month)  
01 to 08RS. 6,000/
09 to 14RS. 8,000/
15RS. 1,0000/
16& Superintendents, Private Secretaries (BS-17)RS. 14,000/
BS-17RS. 15,000/
BS-18RS. 20,000
BS-19RS. 25,000
BS-20RS. 30,000
Utility Allowance for Punjab Employees

The Utility Allowance will be admissible with effect from 01.01.2020 onwards till further orders.

Grant of utility allowance 2021

Utility Allowance Punjab in Civil Secretariat Lahore

The government of Punjab is awarding utility allowance to the officials and officers working in the civil secretariat Lahore. This order issued in 2017. Finance Department Punjab issued this vide order No.FD.SR-I-9-14/2002(P). Utility allowance awarded on the following rates. The employees from all departments are demanding the same allowance.

Pay scaleUtility Allowance Per Month
BPS-01 to BPS-08Rs.3000
BPS-09to BPS-14Rs.4000
Utlity Allowance Punjab

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