Grant Of Utility Allowance Courts

Grant of utility allowance courts

Supreme Court OF Pakistan  Islamabad Assistant Registrar issued notification regarding grant of utility allowance for courts employees. This order was issued on 30% July 2021.

In continuation of this Court’s Notification of even number dated 20.10.2014 and in the exercise of the powers conferred upon him under Rule 4 of the Supreme Court Establishment Service Rules, 2015, read with Finance Division’s (Expenditure Wing) O.M.No.F.1(5R.12/81 dated 24th November 1993, Finance Division’s (Regulation Wing) u.o.No.51)-R-3/2018 dated 29th June, O.M.F.No.10/26)PFMR-11/2020/P-458 dated 12h July. 2021. In this regard notification issued regarding grant of utility allowance courts employees.

Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan hues been pleased to revise the rate of Utility Allowance (Gas &Electricity) in respect of all the Officers and Servants (Bs-1 to 22) of this Court with effect from 01.03.2021 as under:

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101 to 06Rs.4,500Rs.6,000
207 to 10Rs.6,000Rs.8,000
311 to 15Rs.6,000Rs.10,000
921 and aboveRs.15,000Rs.30,000
utility allowance notification
Grant of utility allowance courts
Utility allowance notificaion

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