Leaves Rules 1981 for Government Employees

We share the details of leaves rules 1981 for Government Employees. You are working in Government Department in Pakistan then you should be familiar with leaves rules. we will try to discuss all types of leaves granted to civil servants. Who will sanction the leaves?

Types of Leaves

There are different types of leaves are allowed for any employee especially teachers of the school education department. These all leave types you can avail by understanding the procedure of how can apply for leave.

Casual Leave

Casual leaves for a short period leave granted to the servants. A civil servant can avail of 25 days of casual leave during one calendar year. Sanction authority can grant the casual leave up to 15 days consecutively in special cases. An immediate officer can sanction the casual leave. 25 Days Casual leaves allowed in a year.

Maternity leave

Maternity leave is granted to the female civil servant on full pay. These leaves are given to contract and regular employees of the Punjab government. These leaves will not debit from the leave account. This leave granted for 90 days twice time during the service. Conveyance allowance will detect from the salary in this leave and other usual allowances will pay to the employees as full payment. This leave can be extended under special circumstances.

Paternity Leave

Paternity leave is a grant to a male civil servant. The period of paternity leave is 07 days in province Punjab while in Federal servant is 15 days. This leave granted to Civil Servant Father on the birth of a baby.

Hajj Leave

DDo or Controlling authority can sanction the Hajj Leave. Hajj leave also called Ex-Pakistan Leave. Its period is 40 days only for performing Hajj.

Iddat Leave

Iddat leave is granted to female civil servat in case of his husband death. The duraton of iddat leave is 130 days once in a service. This leave is granted on full pay to females.

Sick Leave

In case of illness, sick leave of 90 days awarded to civil servants. In this case, the civil servant will provide the medical certificate attested by the Medical Superintendent to the controlling authority for sanction of this leave.

Hospital Leave

Civil servants can avail of hospital leave in case of illness. Appointment authority can sanction hospital leave under revised leaves rules 1981. The period of this leave is six months and may extend to three years. The benefit of hospital leave is that it will not debit from the leave account of a servant.

Study Leave

Study leave granted to the civil servant by the approval of competent authority to get scientific education technical courses and special courses. This leave will not be debit against the leave account. Study leave considered an additional leave granted to the civil servants of Pakistan. This leave is only for study purposes during the service. Controlling authority can make arrangements for local hiring in the absence of a civil servant who is on study leave. Study leave will not grant to the civil servant who has less than 5 years of service. And this leave will not be granted to the servants who are going to retire within 3 years. Duration is for 2 years but it may be extended on the special ground up to 4 years for Ph.D. degrees.

All Types of Leaves and Leave rules 1981

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