Annual Increment of Civil Servants Pakitan

Annual incremnet chart

In this post, we will discuss the annual increment. What is an annual increment? Firstly, an Annual increment awarded to every employee on 1st December of each calendar year. Secondly, minimum of 6 months or more service required for the grant of this. Moreover, this is fixed by the Government of Pakistan in the country. All provinces award the increment to the servants at a fixed rate. There are 30 stages of annual increment for BPS-01 to BPS-16. An employee who joins his services before or on 30 May is eligible for annual increments. The same rule followed for promotion purposes. Who is eligible for an annual increment? In the other words, It awarded to servants on satisfactory performance throughout the year. In addition, this is granted on the existing pay scale on 1st December each year.

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Annual Increment Chart 2020.

News circulated on social media platforms that no increment awarded to civil servants this year. The government did not increase the salaries in the annual budget 2020-2021 due to financial crises. The government blamed previous ruling parties. As confirmed by the finance division it will be admissible to all employees, as usual. No stoppage will be in the increment. This post is the detail of the increment in December along with allowances increases. A press release by APCA Pakistan that they met with Secretary Finance and discussed award of annual increment.  Finance Division confirmed that employees will be awarded as usual and the rumors in this regard are baseless. Pay and Pension related issues you can visit.

Premature Increment

Infoghar team will tell the audience about the premature increment. The premature increment granted to a civil servant on promotion and up-gradation. Most importantly, If the civil servant promoted from lower grade to higher grade premature increment granted in this case. This benefit is given any time during the year. If a servant re-appointed in the service through proper channel, in this case, a premature increment also granted. In conclusion, we will discuss this with an example. For example, Ali is working as EST in BPS-15. He is drawing basic pay Rs. 22770. The said official promoted to BPS-16. His pay will be fix at Rs.24990 on pay scale 2017.

Increase in the Salary December 2020

This chart is about annual increment 2020. In this ARA@20%, 2020 added which is for Sindh Government employees. Government employees especially teachers and educators community can read leave rules for information.

Annual incremnet chart
Annual increment Chart

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  1. AOA I’m apply through proper channel bps 12 to BPS 14 same federal department joining date 27/11/2018 basic pay BPS 12( 21960) after fixtation basic 23370 and annual increment 2018 not grant to me plz confirm 03023866911

    1. For the award of increment to civil servant minimum, 06 months service is required in a calendar year. You joined on 27/11/2018. So in 2018, your service is only 01 month and 04 days.

      1. My service is continue not in break 26/11/18 a/n my releving date & 27/11/18 my joing date 11 month 27 day I serive duty in bps 12 A person who are promote in jun”July in cleandar year why department get option

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