Matric 10th Class Date Sheet 2021

Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Rawalpindi, Lahore Gujranwala, Multan, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Bwp, Dera Ghazi Khan and other has issued the final examination Matric 10th class Date Sheet 2021. Secondary School Certificate (Annual) Examination, 2021 PART-II 10th class will start from 26 July 2021. In this regard, a date sheet issued for matric date sheet arts and science. This SSC date sheet 2021 is for Academic Session 2017-2019 to 2020-2022. As decided by government examination in Mathematics, Computer. Physics, Chemistry, Biology General Science, Islamic Studies and Computer Science papers will conduct in two groups namely the first Group and the second Group. The examination for each subject will be held at the time schedule mentioned on the date sheet provided to the candidates. Moreover, during the examination, any holiday, national or local will not affect the schedule of the examination.

The examination will be conducted according to the date and time are given in the date sheet. In case of any change, the Board will make a proper announcement circular for a change in the date sheet.

Instructions for Candidates

Here are few instruction for matric 10th class date sheet 2021.

  • The participants are directed to write Roll Number with thumb impression only at the space provided on the Answer Book.
  • Roll Number may be written in such a way that it leaves no impression on the remaining pages of the answer book. The use of markers is not allowed.
  • The candidates must keep their original Roll No slips duly signed with them during theory exams.
  • Objective type question paper will be given first then essay type will be given immediately after collection of objective type paper in all Subjects

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Pairing Scheme for Matric Exam

Punjab Board Matric Date Sheet 2021

Date Group 1st Paper Subject
29/07/20211. Arabic(73),(74)
2. Wood Work & Furniture Making (103),(104)  
30/07/20211. Chemistry First Group (29),(30)
2. General Science First Group (37),(38)  
31/07/20211. Civics (69),(70)
2. Commercial Geography (71),(72)  
02/08/20211. Education (97),(98)
2. Clothing & Textile (85),(86)  
03/08/20211. Mathematics (Science Group) First Group (17), (18)
2. General Mathematics (Arts Group) First Group (21),(22)    
04/08/20211. Punjabi (95),(96)
2. Al-Quran (Dars-I-Nizami Group) (111),(112)
3. House Hold Account & its related Problem (89),(90)
4. Islamic History OR Muslim History (59),(60)  
05/08/20211. Elements of Home Economics (45),(16)
2. Poultry Farming (105),(106
3. Child Development & Family Living (87)(88)  
06/08/20211. Physics First Group (25),(26)
2. Advanced Islamic Studies (Elective) First Group (41),(42)  
07/08/20211. Economics (57),(58)
2. Seerat-ur-Rasool (Dars-i-Nizami Group) (109) (110)  
09/08/20211. Biology First Group (33). (34)
2. Computer Science First Group (49),(50)  
Matric date sheet 2021

10th Class 2021 Exam Date Sheet

Date Group 2nd Paper Subject
29/07/20211. Management for Better Home (83),(84)
2. Physiology & Hygiene (67),(68)
3. Health & Physical Education(99),(100)
30/07/20211. Chemistry Second Group (31),(32)
2. General Science Second Group (39),(40)
31/07/20211. Persian (75),(76)
2. Art & Model Drawing (theory) (81),(82)
3. Geography (63)(64)  
02/08/20211. History of Pakistan (61),(62)
2. Electrical Wiring (101) (102)
3. Al Fiqah (Dars-e-Nizami Group) (113), (114)
03/08/20211.Mathematics (Science Group) Second Group (19).(20) 2. General Mathematics (Arts Group) Second Group (23),(24)  
04/08/20211. Geometrical & Technical Drawing (65),(66) 2. Food & Nutrition (79),(80)  
05/08/20211.English Literature (91),(92)
2. Urdu Literature (77),(78)  
06/08/20211. Physics Second Group (27),(28)
2. Advanced Islamic Studies (Elective) Second Group (43),(44)
07/08/20211. Military Science (93).,(94)
2. Art & Model Drawing (Practical) (P-81)
3. Geography of Pakistan (In lieu of Urdu comp.) (53),(54)
09/08/20211. Biology Second Group (35),(36)
2. Computer Science Second Group (51),(52)  
Matric Date Sheet 2021 All Punjab Board
matric date sheet 2021 all punjab board date sheet matric
10th class date sheet 2021

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