Family Pension Rules In Pakistan

pension rules for civil servants pakistan

Info Ghar Team will update you latest family pension rules in Pakistan. The family pension awarded to the family of a civil servant who dies during the service. The regular incumbent considered for family pension. Family pension started in Pakistan in the year 1966.  Death may after or before retirement after retirement we will discuss in detail of family pension. The family pension will be paid to the widow or widower for life or until he /she remarriage.

Death After Retirement

If the civil servant dies after his retirement his pension will name as family pension this pension will be transferred to either widow unmarried daughter with daughter and son having age less than 21 years according to the rules prescribed by the government time to time Family pension rate.

Death Before Retirement

In case a civil servant dies before his retirement in a case family pension is granted to successors.

Missing Civil Servants

Family pension is also admissible to legal heirs of a servant in the case who remain missing for the period 12 months under the prescribed family pension rules in Pakistan.

Who Is Entitled Family Pension

  • Wife of Civil Servant.
  • Husband is also eligible for family pension if his wife is a Civil Servant in any part of the country.
  • Sons and daughters of Civil Servant also entitled to family pension up till they attain age 21 years.
  • An adopted child is also given a family pension.

In case  civil  servant is unmarried has no family the pension will be paid to surviving family  of deceased civil servants in equal shares.

  • Father
  • Mather
  • Brother and unmarried sisters below age 21 years
  • Widow sisters

What is the rate of family pension in Pakistan?

The rate of family pension in Pakistan is 75%. Firstly, the gross pension calculated. Then 75% of the gross pension paid to the family of a deceased civil servant. Gratuity or commutation paid up to 1/2 of the gross pension. This gratuity will not due if the deceased civil servant has no family.

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Documents required for family pension

The docouments

  • Hand Written Application from widow / legal heirs.
  • Photocopies of National Identity Card (02 copies)
  • Computerize Death Certificate issued by Nadra Orignal.
  • Home /Postal Address (3 copies).
  • Specimen signature and thumb impression of legal Heirs/ widow (3 copies).
  • List of Family members (3 copies).
  • No employment certificate (3 copies).
  • Pension Book previously issued.
  • Certificate regarding widow has not judicially separated from husband (3 copies).
  • Not re-marriage certificate after death (3 copies).
  • Three Photo Graph of Claimant.
  • Account Number and Name of Bank with code from where pension will draw.
  • All documents attested by Department.

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