ARA-2022 @15% Adhoc Relief Allowance

ARA-2022 @15% Adhoc relief allowance 2022

The civil servants will get adhoc relief allowance ARA-2022 @15 on 2017 running pay scales instead of revised pay scale 2022. As stated and clarified by Finance Minister, the Employees will Get ARA-2022 @15% on 2017 Pay Scales instead of Revised Pay Scales 2022. Due to revision of pay scales adhoc Relief Allowance 2022 will freeze with effect from 1st July 2022.

Adhoc relief allowance ARA-2022 @15%

The disadvantage of Adhoc Releif Allowance 2023@15% is that the employees will get less amount of DRA-2022. If the government give it was on the Revised Basic Pay Scales 2022 basic pay the employees get more amount. You can say that the employees will get less 40% to 45% less amount of ARA-2022@15. The revision of Basic Pay Scales 2017 is satisfactory for the employees due this Revised Pay Scales 2022 will formed after about 5 years. If In the future, government give adchc relief allowance or any increase in ARA or DRA. The employees will add more amount to the employees.

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According to Pay increase proposal 2022 Annexure-IX, para-1, it says that the employees will get this Adhoc Relief Allowance on the running basic pay of the Basic Pay Scales 2017.

The same story was published in many newspapers. The Government employees will get ARA-2022@15% Adhoc relief allowance 2022 on the running 2017 pay scales. After that Government will merge Adhoc relief allowances into basic pay. You can say that this new adhoc allowance will also be merged into basic pay. Clarification will be made in notification of adhoc relief allowance.

Adhoc relief allowance 2022
ARA 15%

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