Salary Increase Notification 2022

15% Pay Increase in Budget 2022

Infoghar Team is sharing with Government servants about expected salary Increase notification 2022 budget. Here is the Latest News Regarding Salary and Pension increase in Budget 2022-23 Pakistan. The Prime Minister has rejected the Finance Ministry’s proposal of a 10% increase and has approved an increase in government employees’ salaries of 15% with the consent of the cabinet. Also merging of Adhoc allowances into the basic pay is approved.

15% Pay Increase

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15% Pay Increase

Today Federal Cabinet has approved the pay increase by 15%. The Cabinet meeting presided by the Prime Minister decided to increase the pay by 15%. Adhoc Relief Allowances will also be merged and a new national basic pay scale will be formed.

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15% Pay Increase in Budget 2022
Pay Increase Today

Pension Increase 2022

The following  two options the government has announced for the pensioners 

  • 5% increase in Pension
  • 10% increase in Pension

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Sindh Government Salary Increase 2022 Finance Division Notification

Here we are sharing the latest notification of the Sindh budget 2022 23 salary increase chart with our readers.

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Latest News Regarding pay and Pension increase in Budget 2022

  • 5% Increase in Salary
  • 10% Increase in salary
  • 15% increase in salary
  • 10% increase in Pension

According the Finance Department the Government can give an Adhoc relief allowance of 5% to 10% for the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-19. While on the other hand the government has decided to increase the salaries of BPS-20 to BPS-22 10% to 15% increase as Adhoc Relief Allowance 2022 for the employees.

As stated by the  Daily Jang pay and Pension commission has failed in submitting the report of the pay and pension commission in time and the Government has extended date for the submission of pay and pension committee report. The Government is thinking about the three following options:

Latest Salary Increase News

There is another news o news published is circulating by Dunya News. We will discuss here.

10% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2022

According to the daily Dunya news there is a proposal of 10% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2022 and a 5% Increase in Pension.

KPK Budget 2022 Salary Increase

Government of KPK Finance Department has not yet finalized the Budget 2022. The Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Government was to present the KPK budget on 1st June 2022. Due to some reasons the budget was delayed. The Government will announce the Budget on 13th June 2022.There is a proposal to increase 10% the salaries of the employees in the budget 2022. However, it is just news.

New elected Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has announced a salary increase in 2022. He was addressing the national assembly today. While addressing the national assembly he added that 10 percent salary will be increased for all civil servants across the board. This salary increased with effect from 01 April 2022. The finance department will soon issue the notification of pay increase 2022.

pay increase 2022
Pay increase 2022 latest notification

Pension Increase Notification 2022

Newly elected PM Shahbaz Sharif announced relief for pensioners. He announced raise up pension of retired civil, and military officials by   10% percent from April 1st 2022. Finance Departmet will issue notification in this regard soon.

pension increase 2022
Pension 2022

The Federal Government of Pakistan has increased the salaries of civil servants in the country. Finance Department has issued notification of salary increase 2022.

Salary Increase 2022 Notification

Government of Pakistan Finance Division issued press release regarding 15% disparity reduction allowance. Government has decided to give 15% disparity allowance on running basic pay to less privileged employees from BPS 1 to 19 with effect from 1st March 2022.The above package is also recommended to the provinces for adoption from their own funds.

Salary Increase 2022

Government of Pakistan Finance division (Regulations Wing) issued latest notification of salary increase 2022. In this regard notification issued vide F.No. 14(1)R-3/2021-69 on 23 February, 2022.

Grant Of Disparity Reduction Allowance-2022

Federal Government has approved for grant of Disparity Reduction Allowance @ 15% of the basic pay of Basic Pay Scales 2017 w.e.f. 1 March 2022.

This disparity reduction 2022 allowance shall be admissible to civil employees in BPS 1-19 of the Federal Government, (including employees of the Federal Secretariat, attached departments and subordinate offices) who have never been allowed additional allowance i.e allowances equal to or more than 100% of the basic pay (whether frozen or not) or performance allowance subject to the following conditions.

  • Disparity Reduction Allowance 2022 will not be admissible to the employees of the organizations who are drawing additional allowances equal to or more than 100% of the basic pay(whether frozen or otherwise).
  • Disparity reduction allowance 2022 will be frozen at the level drawn on 19 March 2022.
  • This Allowance will be subject to Income Tax.
  • Notification about disparity reduction allowance will be admissible during leave and entire period of L.P.R. except during extra ordinary leave.
  • Finance division disparity reduction allowance will not be treated as part of emoluments for the purpose of calculation of Pension/Gratuity and recovery of House Rent.
  • This Allowance will not be admissible to the employees during the tenure of their posting/deputation abroad.
  • This Allowance will be admissible to the employees on their repatriation from posting/deputation abroad at the rate and amount which would have been admissible to them, had they not been posted abroad.
  • This Allowance will be admissible during the period of suspension.
  • The term “Basic Pay” will also include the amount of Personal Pay granted on account of annual increment (s) beyond the maximum of the existing pay scales.
Disparity reduction allowance notification 2022
Disparity Allowance

Time Scale Promotion Federal Employees

Further, a summary for timescale promotion has been initiated by Finance Division to mitigate the hardship being faced by employees stuck in the same grade for long time.

Notification of Up-gradation of Federal

The matter of up gradation of posts on the analogy of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will be decided based on the findings of the study being conducted by MS Wing of Establishment Division by end April .

Revision of Pay Scale 2022

Further, the merger of Adhoc Relief Allowances into pay will be decided on report of pay and pension commission and will be merged in basic pay as per agreement.

Increase in Salary 2022
salary incease latest news 2022
salary increase 2022

DRA Salary Increase 2022 Notification

Congratulations to the employees and brothers and sisters across Punjab for their practical struggle against spoiling 25% and running according to the federation. Contrary to the appeal filed by the President APCA Punjab, the judge of the Punjab Service Tribunal on the Chief Secretary Punjab directed the Chief Secretary Punjab to fulfill the requirements of justice and correct the notification issued by the Finance Secretary Punjab within 45 days. May Allah Almighty grant practical success soon

Salary Increase 2021 Federal

Increase in the salary notification chart for federal government employees. This salary increase will be from July 2021.

Sr.noDescriptionfromRelief (Funds)
1Adhoc  Relief Allowances(BS -01 -22)01-07-202110 %(on Running Basic)
2Pension(BS01-22)01-07-202110%(Without Medical)
3Aridly Allowances01-07-2021Rs.14000 to Rs. 17500
4Integrated Allowances01-07-2021Rs. 450 to Rs. 900
5Minimum Pay01-07-2021Rs.20,000
Salary increase 2021 notification

Salary increase 2021 Notification Federal Government

Punjab Govt Salary Increse 2021

Infoghar Team is sharing  the latest notification of salary increase Punjab govt. The government of the Punjab raised the salaries up to 35% in the budget.

1 Adhoc Relief Allowances(BPS-01-22)01-07-202110%(on Running basic)
2  Pension (BS-01 -22)01-07-202110%(Without medical)
3Special Allowances BS -01 TO 1901-06-202125%(On Initial stage)
4Change OF Pension rulesNext yearNew Rules Introduces
Punjab govt 25 % salary increase

Notification Adhoc Relief Allowance Punjab

Disparity Reduction Allowance 2021 Punjab Notification

Sindh Govt notification of salary increase 2021

Sr.noDescriptionfromRelief (Funds)
1Ado Relief Allowances (BS-01-22)01-07-202120%(On basic Pay)
2Pension(BS-01-22)01-07-202110%(Without medical)
3Personal Allowances –BS-01 to 0501-07-2021Fixed Rated as under
3.1Personal Allowances BPS-0101-07-2021Rs.1900/P.M
3.2Personal Allowances Bps-0201-07-2021Rs.1500/P.M
3.3Personal Allowance Bps-0301-07-2021RS.900/P.M
3.4Personal Allowance Bps-04-0501-07-2021RS.250/P.M
04Minimum income01-07-2021Rs,25000/-  
Sindh govt salary increase

Notification Adhoc Relief Allowance Sindh

Notification of Special Allowance KPK

KPK government has issued a notification regarding the KPK salary increase in the budget. The announcement made in the budget for government employees will discuss here.

Sr. NoDescriptionfromRelief(Funds)
01Adhoc Relief Allowances(BPS-01-22)01-07-202110%(On running basic)
02Pension(BS-01-22)01-07-202110%(Without Medical)
03Special Allowance BPS 01 – to 1901-07-202120%( ON INITIAL STAGE)
04House rent Allowances (Government employ who do not benefit from Government housing)01-07-20217.3% /50%
05Minimum Income01-07-2021RS.21000/,
06Change Pension rules01-07-2021Minimum Age -55 Service -25, pension increase 75% to 100%
notification of salary increase KPK

Baluchistan Budget Salary Increase 2021

1Adhoc Relief Allowances(01-22)07-01-202110%(On Running Basic)
2Pension(BS-01-22)01-07-202110%(Without Medical)
3Disparity Allowances(DRA)BS-01 to 1901-07-202115%(On Initial Stage on Running)
4Anticipatory Pension on Last Basic Pay01-07-202165%
Baluchistan inrease salaries of govt employees

Disparity Reduction Allowance Notification Baluchistan

Salary Increase Notification 2021

Finance Department Pakistan has issued the press release regarding pay increase 2021. Adhoc relief allowance 2021 @ 25 of pay scale 2017 will be given to all employees across the board. The main points of agreement of salary increase 2021 will discuss here.

salary increase notification 2021
salary increase notification

Adhoc Relief Allowance Notification 2021

All Federal Employees Scale No. 1 to 19 who have not received any additional allowance before will get 25% Ad Hoc Relief from 1st March 2021 to June 2021. This Relief Allowance @ 25% will be given @ of BPS-2017  initial pay stage. Adhoc Relief Allowance is not admissible to the employees who already been awarded an allowance of 100% or more than 100% of the basic pay.

Time scale Promotion

 The Finance Committee is working on Time Scale Promotion Upgradation which will be implemented in the light of its recommendations. The employees will be given time scale promotions on the pattern of KPK.

Revision of Pay scale 2021

Payscale will be revised from 1st July 2021 by merging ad hoc relief in basic pay scale.

Upgradation of Post

All the posts from BPS 1-16 will be upgraded in the budget 2021 on the pattern of KPK.

This agreement is applicable to the province for implementation with their own budgets. Instructions are being issued to the provinces for the approval of all the above concessions. The government has constituted the Pay and Pension Commission 2021. In light of recommendations of the Pay and Pension Committee, discrimination between different departments will end.

Salary Increase Chart 2021 w.e.f 01-030-2021

BPSInitial Basic Pay 2017 ScalePay Increase @25 Adhoc 2021
Salary Increase 2021 Chart

Pay increase 2021 Chart Download

salary increase of government employees 2021
Salary increase 2021 march

Adhoc @25% on Running Basic Pay

Press release by Finance Department indicates that @25% Adhoc Relief Allowance will be given to the employees on initial basic pay scale 2017. If Government decides to give Adhoc relief allowance on running basic pay then pay increase will be according to the chart given below.

Adhoc Allowance on Running Pay
Running Pay Adhoc 2021 Increase

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